The Beginning of Amelia Earhart’s Life: How the Adventure Came About


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Participant(s): Lee, Laurette, Peggy. Pat and Pat’s granddaughter Brittany //

August 8, 2015
She is a pilot and thinks she’s gonna fly. She hopes she has the right clothes; it looks like it could get cold. Her legs look heavy like there’s metal on them. Her gloves look like they have metal cuffs. She has to have a lot of confidence to go up in that old-fashioned plane covered in a tarp. There’s no seat only a wing under her. Her hands are on the wheel and a machine, a motor, is behind her. She has faith in it. When she was a little kid they doubted her; but, when she grew up she was going to prove them wrong.
People are in the background in two places with covering over them like they think it might rain or snow. They are in the United States at Marshall Field. They have come to the airport, an open field, to see a demonstration – to see if she can make it. They are wondering, “How could it be possible?” She hears the sound of the motor. Deafening. People are talking, calling, “You can do it!” “You can do it!” and “Be Careful!”

Her name is Amelia Earhart and she’s not flying now, but she’s gonna make it. She’ll go overseas, it’s a long, long way to France. Her family will watch her take off. They call out, “I love you” as she takes off. They hope to hear that she lands safely.

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