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Jenny has been providing interactive storytelling at La Via for several months now and the Residents have a lot of fun with it.  When she hands out the picture you can see the mind cogs turning and pretty soon they start offering bits of information about what the person(s) in the picture could be doing.  Then, ideas start sparking off other ideas and nearly everyone gets involved in the process of coming up with a story.  Even the non-verbal Residents smile and laugh and appear to have a good time.  This is a meaningful activity for our Residents, because it is important for them to keep those neurons firing.  Recently several family members have commented on the well-roundedness of our calendar, and we feel that Jenny offers a unique program that enhances our activity schedule.

La Via Memory Care




Jenny has been coming to Casa’s Adult Day Services center to support the participants as storytellers.  Over time, we’ve seen people progress in their confidance as storytellers.  They are more certain about the process, include lots of humor in their stories and especially get much enjoyment out of sharing the experience with each other and hearing the story read back to them.  Deciding what the story is behind the picture is an activity that is easily shared by people with a wide range of creative abilities.  The storytelling activity builds community among everyone involved and continues as a conversation topic when they share their story later at home.  We all enjoy the process.

Jeannie Maldonado
Director, Adult Day Health Care
Casa Community Services
780 S Park Center Ave
Green Valley, AZ





Jenny Cowell worked with the Advantage Academy in my junior high classroom.  The students in my program are placed in this alternative program based on poor academic performance or due to behavioral issues.  By the time they get to me they are disengaged from learning and often suffer from very low self-esteem. When Jenny worked with them there was an immediate connection.  They began to see themselves as capable in the role of storytellers. One of the elements of our class is community service.  Our students visit a nearby preschool and read to children. Before Jenny’s story work my students read in monotone and were not excited about the visits. After becoming storytellers they were excited about reading stories and they, and the little ones, enjoyed storytime.

Matt Trausch
Flowing Wells Junior High
Tucson, AZ




Working on storytelling with Jenny, “Brings back memories. Her questions bring back things – I never thought about that. Happy times, I don’t think about those things, being a young child or a young woman. It is good therapy – to me it is. It uplifts me and gets me interested.

Participant in individual sessions
Tucson AZ




Jenny brings out Carol’s childhood joy. She is reenergized and has joy in her self. Carol loves that someone actually listens to her. Someone has heard her side of her feelings. She loses her heaviness and is uplifted. Carol is under no obligation, Jenny is a stranger. There is none of the guilt that comes from burdening the family with stories heard repeatedly. After a session she is usually lively and happy – her spirit is lightened. It makes a difference. Carol has a lot to say but at home she buries it. Jenny listens and takes her time. Carol becomes alive and has a sense of purpose.

Chun (Carol’s primary caregiver)
Tucson, AZ




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