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Participant(s): Sue, Pacific View, Bandon, Oregon /

It is England in the fall. The air smells of fish and people and it is a cool day. Lots of people are watching a man and a boy show a boat on the water. It’s a marine turn out. Lots of people to see a show. People stand way, way back on the left side of the water. Trees line the background. Sail boats, lots of white sails in the water came to participate. The sun is shining and everybody has a coat on.

The man, Edgar is dressed to be a spectator and to show his boat. He is an older man, full-grown and is fully dressed with a dark colored jacket, white shirt, pants, and a felt hat. He’s an instructor, a professor at an English college and is there to explain things. His twelve year-old grandson John has come to see the boat. He’s wearing a jacket too, and is there as an observer.

Edgar is affluent and he did not anticipate going into the water. He had no earthly idea that his boat would collapse and he would need to save it. Edgar bought it and it is special to him. He carefully lifted the boat in from the water, bringing it in to put it on a vehicle. He pulled it up on to a cart, wagon, or a trailer. People cheer as the Edgar is rescuing his boat. Edgar, the old man, is thinking about his money spent on that boat. He doesn’t want that boat to go down.

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