Benefits of Alzheimer’s Creative Storytelling and the TimeSlips method:


  • TimeSlips offers a wonderfully simple alternative to working with clients, either in the home setting, a clinical environment, or in long-term care.  This method is not about  “managing behaviors”, but rather is focused on engaging individuals and establishing communication that might not otherwise be possible.  These days there are so few solutions for working with clients who suffer from dementia.  Alzheimer’s Creative Storytelling and the TimeSlips method can help to instill hope by offering meaningful communication and connection that might be otherwise impossible.


  • This is not an expensive program.  The costs for supplies are minimal and the exercises do not require a large space.


  • Staff and/or family members can easily be trained to conduct these exercises on their own.  The activities are fun and entertaining, not only for the clients who are suffering from dementia, but also for staff, family members, or volunteers.


  • Allow me to join in with your family activities, client gatherings,  facility meetings, or one-on-one with parent or loved one who is suffering from memory loss or dementia.  This program offers so much more than just sitting and watching.  Let me show you how this to get participants involved by creating something new, something that will help clients or loved ones to express themselves.


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Jenny Cowell is a lifelong educator who started her career in Special Education and retired as a junior high librarian. She builds stories with people with Alzheimers and related dementia using the TimeSlips method. Jenny works with individuals in their homes and in day programs in memory care facilities.