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Always Smiling Little Superman Boy

Image: Superboy //

Participant(s): Lee, Laurette, Peggy, Pat, Margaret, and Pat’s granddaughter Brittany //

August 8, 2015

He is six years old and playing with his sister in an open field or his backyard. The yard is not too big and it looks like snow but the sun is shining. The little boy is playing superman – playing dress up. He’s in Indian attire, with lightning down his shirt and boots, black boots. A checkered scarf is his cape. He’s wearing shorts and pants and has a mask with eyes cut out so he can use his eyes. He is looking up at the sun with a blanket over his head.

Happy Little Superman Cheyenne Timothy is smiling with his good teeth, having a lovely time. Such a cute grin. A boy with confidence pretending to be Superman. The day is not too warm, a little bit cold, nippy. He can hear his sister laughing, birds and crickets, the wind in the cottonwood trees in the background, and cows. The smell of cookies in the oven comes from his house.

Happy Little Superman Cheyenne Timothy wants to be Superman so he can fly and have super powers. So he can help people and eat a lot of spinach. His family, in the house, look out the window and wonder what he is thinking about.

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